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Why choose a JetCat product?

There are many things to consider when selecting a model turbine or
helicopter power plant. A level of trust must extend between the supplier and the customer. At JetCat, we take great pains to earn this trust. We have produced this flier in order to tell you more about JetCat products, and hopefully to help you make a more informed decision with any purchase you make.

Quality Assurance
Quality in design and production has always been a fundamental principal at JetCat. This commitment to quality is something you as a JetCat customer can count on, and something that you will increasingly appreciate as your enjoyment in the product continues through years of trouble free use.

Engineering Capability
JetCat is the only turbine manufacturer that can perform all the required Engineering Design and Development with dedicated JetCat employees. This capability includes mechanical, tooling, mold, electronic, and software design.

Design Excellence
JetCat constantly develops and evaluates new components in order to improve the performance of the system. This experimental development has resulted in turbines that achieve the highest performance in the world, combined with the highest reliability. Remember, Quality cannot be "tested" or "inspected" into a system; it must be designed in from the start.

Through careful attention to proper engineering principals, JetCat has succeeded in developing the highest performance turbines in the world. This performance is demonstrated by high thrust to weight ratio, rapid throttle response and easy operation. JetCat revolutionized the industry with the introduction of AutoStart Technology over 5 years ago.

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
The JetCat ECU features "closed loop" control of the turbine, resulting in better starts, smoother idle, rapid (and safe) acceleration and excellent overall handling. The JetCat ECU offers some unique features including a fully integrated speed sensor that offers not only the classic speed limiting functions required by the AMA, but also provides other advanced user modes like "cruise control" mode or even converting the throttle stick to a "speed stick". No other ECU on the market comes close to matching the advanced design of the JetCat ECU. Smooth auto starts, easy of use, integrated speed control, integrated GPS... the JetCat ECU has it all.

After Sales Service and Support
In 2001 JetCat USA opened in California, with noted model jet pioneer Bob Wilcox as Partner and General Manager, for the expressed purpose of supporting the US customer. Tens of thousands of dollars have been invested in manufacturing and repair equipment, test facilities, employee training and the like. We believe this level of commitment is crucial for your enjoyment of JetCat products.

Customer Satisfaction
And finally, there is no better reason to buy JetCat than to have the support of a fellowship of other modelers that have already experienced the JetCat difference. Not only does JetCat have a nationwide support network of sales and service representatives, we also have hundreds of satisfied customers. Whenever you see modelers enjoying turbine powered aircraft, chances are they will be flying JetCat. Take an opportunity to talk to a JetCat customer and see for yourself.